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RealTalk MS Episode 15: We Are Illmatic

Real Talk MS January 16, 2018

Jon’s guest on the podcast is Victoria Reese, founder of the We Are Illmatic campaign. We Are Illmatic is building awareness and providing support for women of color who are living with MS in their lives.

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This African-American Woman With MS Wants Other Black Women to Know #WeAreIllmatic

Everyday Health December 22, 2017

Victoria Reese seeks to unite women of color who have MS and reduce the shame associated with the disease.


#WeAreILLmatic is creating a digital sisterhood of support for black women with multiple sclerosis

The Lily Oct 16, 2017

Los Angeles-based entrepreneur Victoria Reese is an Instagram influencer. The CEO of the Victor Group LA, a boutique brand and creative consultancy, uses the platform to showcase women in charge. She also shows us something we’re all too used to seeing in our feeds: Carefully curated photos documenting the lives of inspirational, stylish creatives.


Meet The Woman Helping WoC Fight Disease With A Hip Hop Hashtag

Girlboss.com October 12, 2017

Despite Victoria Marie Reese's track record of snagging jobs at some of the world’s most prominent creative advertising firms, her career trajectory was destined for a shift. “I had these amazing jobs after college, but they were not full circle for me. They weren’t all of the things I wanted to do,” said Reese, a self-proclaimed “Jane of all trades.”


Nas Co-Signed This Dope Multiple Sclerosis Campaign

ESSENCE September 11, 2017

The new campaign tackles the underrepresentation of women of color in the MS community. Legendary rapper, Nas has found a new way to support women of color and we’re all here for it. He's lending the title of his debut album to support a new multiple sclerosis (MS) campaign by the name of #WeAreILLmatic. After realizing that there was a minimal amount of information available to women of color regarding the disease, Victoria Reese —who suffers from relapsing remitting MS— decided a journey toward uncovering and educating millennial women who may be searching for similar answers.



Nas-Approved #WeAreIllmatic Campaign Tackles Black Women’s Underrepresentation In MS Community

VIBE August 29, 2017

When Victoria Reese was diagnosed with relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis back in 2012, she quickly learned how underrepresented black and brown women were within the MS community. In discovering the severe lack of information available to women of color about the chronic disease, Reese decided to embark on a journey toward uniting and educating millennial women like her using Nas’ concept of Illmatic, arguably one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time.



EUROWEB August 29, 2017

In support of the forthcoming September 2017 launch event and multiple sclerosis campaign for women of color, legendary hip-hop artist, Nasir “Nas” Jones, has used his celebrity to bring awareness to the millions of women that are suffering from the unpredictable and often disabling disease of the central nervous system.


These Black Women Are Fighting MS With The Nas-Inspired #WeAreIllmatic Campaign

Okay Player August 29, 2017

In 2012, Victoria Reese was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting multiple sclerosis.

Victoria Reese started doing research on the disease and discovered something startling: people who looked like her ― millennial women of color ― weren’t being represented in the MS community.

So she did something about it.


The Solution to the Problem: #WeAreIllmatic

MADE Magazine August 28, 2017

Victoria Reese, founder of the Victor Group, sought out to redefine what sick looks like. Her 10-part social media awareness campaign #WeAreIllmatic. is for those who, like herself, are suffering with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Co-signed by Nas, Reese is on a journey to fill the void of millennial women of color battling this illness.




SOHH.com August 15, 2017


New York rap veteran Nas is all about his music inspiring others especially when it comes to women fighting MS. The hip-hop mogul has put some attention on a female using his tunes to build the courage to take on multiple sclerosis.

Nasty Nas jumped on Instagram last night (August 14) with a major salute.